January 23, 2016

The word “CUPCAKE” is music to our ears. And here’s a project that brings that sweet idea to life. We made this trio of musical instruments using three jumbo cupcakes and two standard size cupcakes. But you might want to modify that number to match the size of your own personal cupcake orchestra.

For the larger instruments, the violin and the guitar, we placed a jumbo and a standard cupcake side by side on a small plate. We cut a Famous Chocolate Wafer into small pieces and used the pieces to bridge the open areas where the cupcakes touched and make one continuous figure-8 shape of the two cupcakes.

We used frosting to secure the cookie pieces and then frosted the entire top of the cupcakes and smoothed, chocolate for the violin and tan (half chocolate and half vanilla) for the guitar. For the banjo, we simply frosted a single standard size cupcake.

For the necks of the instruments, we used sections of a Kit Kat bar. For the violin and the guitar, the Kit Kat bar pieces are simply pressed into the frosting to secure. The Banjo neck extends further so it needs an extra piece of Kit Kat bar beneath the neck to hold it up.

The final details were made from frosting (strings), Cheerios and Pearls (tuning keys), chocolate jimmies (string saddle), and orange colored Sunny Seed Drops (banjo brackets).

Note for note, these cupcakes hit a major chord!! And they’re guaranteed to harmonize with your family’s sweet tooth.

Happy Cupcaking,

Alan and Karen

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