May 18, 2016

We love these little cupcakes from our book Hello, Cupcake! So we decided to turn them into a Snap Chat Recipe on our Snap Chat Story whatsnewcupcake. If you haven’t seen our Snap Recipes you are in for a SWEET TREAT! We take snapshots of each step in the recipe and post them to our Snap Story. Each Snap Recipe is only up for 24 hours so add whatsnewcupcake to your Snap Chat account and look out for the fun!! Snap Chat is live and interactive but we can show you four of the Snaps here so you GET THE IDEA!!

Sleepover Graphic Type

photo above from Instagram account whatsnewcupcake

How we made them:  For the Sleepover Cupcakes you will need Laffy Taffy in two colors. Marshmallows. Jelly beans. Teddy Graham cookies. Red candy decors. Vanilla wafers and Teddy Grahams. Frosting. And of course, cupcakes!!!

First roll out the Laffy Taffy on wax paper. Next, cut a 2 inch square from the taffy. Trim a contrasting color of taffy into a 1/2 inch x 2 inch strip and give it a scalloped edge using a pastry wheel or zig-zag scissors. Place the strip along the top edge of the square.

Cut a marshmallow in half. Place one half on top of a frosted cupcake for the body shape. Place the other half above and perpendicular to the first half, sort of like a T shape for the pillow (see photo).  Press two jelly beans into the frosting at the bottom of the body marshmallow. Now drape the taffy blanket over the body marshmallow and tuck it in at the sides.

To make the faces, use chocolate frosting in a piping bag to make hair and eyes on the vanilla wafer and eyes on the Teddy Graham. Add candy decors for the mouth on each cookie (a heart for the wafer a sprinkle for the teddy). Add a dot of frosting to the pillow marshmallow and attach the head. Add a dot to the blanket and attach the teddy.

Happy Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Alan and Karen

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