April 9, 2016

Spring is exploding all around us. So we decided to see if we could give Mother Nature a run for her money by making Magnolia Blossoms almost as pretty as the ones on the trees. We used a technique right out of our book Cupcakes, Cookies & Pie, Oh, My! where we created Water Lilies floating on a pool of azure Jello!

Our inspirationmagnolia inspiration

Our techniquemagnolia collage

Take a look at the photos above and you’ll get a pretty good idea how we made them.

First combine white and bright pink candy melts in a microwaveable bowl and melt them in the microwave. Heat them 10 seconds at a time and stir slightly in between each 10 seconds, until they soften. Not too much stirring, though, because we want the colors to stay separate so we get variegated pink and white petals.

Once the candy is softened, dip the back side of a plastic spoon in the melted candy and set the spoon, candy coated side up, on a wax paper lined tray. (When dipping the back of the spoon, keep a slight margin of plastic showing all along the edge. Do not let the chocolate coating go onto the edges of the spoon. This makes the petal grab onto the spoon edge once it hardens and it is more difficult to remove the petal in one piece. Also make extra petals as backup just in case they crack while removing them from the spoons.)

Place the tray of petals in the refrigerator for a few minutes to chill. Once hardened, test a couple to find the best technique for removing them from the spoons. We find a slight twisting of the plastic handle helps. Gently nudging the tip of a fingernail under the edge of the hardened chocolate often works, too. Just remember, they are chocolate, so don’t let them sit in your hands too long or they will start to soften. If they do soften just place the tray back in the refrigerator to firm up.

Once you have removed the petals from the spoons, set aside in a cool place on wax paper.

To assemble the flowers, place a large dot of melted candy in the bottom of a cupcake liner. This can be done in a muffin pan so the liner doesn’t spread and you will get a tighter blossom. Or you can assemble them with the liner sitting right on the counter  and you will get more open blossoms. Arrange  a few petals in the shape of a flower making sure each petal sits in the dot of melted candy at the bottom. Let the candy holding the first few petals harden before adding more candy to the center and placing a few more petals to fill out the blossom. Let the blossoms sit until the chocolate holding the petals together has a chance to completely harden.

Once they are set, simply frost your cupcakes with green tinted frosting, gently remove a magnolia blossom from a liner, and attach to the top of each cupcake. Beautiful, right? We hope Mother Nature approves.

Happy Spring Decorating!

Alan and Karen

P.S. Wouldn’t these be perfect for Mother’s Day?

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