June 19, 2016

We are CRAZY FOR OWLS and love making them from cupcakes, cakes, cookies, anything SWEET! We adapted this one from our book CAKE MY DAY! Instead of using POUND CAKE we used a JUMBO CUPCAKE! The GOLDEN OREOS make this super easy because the eyes, wings, and ears are all made from the cookies. Follow our easy four step graphic (below) created for whatsnewcupcake on INSTAGRAM to make your own OUTRAGEOUS OWLS.Owl 2

Photo from whatsnewcupcake on Instagram

How we did it:

Separate two Golden Oreos, keeping all of the filling on one cookie side. Use a serrated knife to saw the cookies without filling in half. Then saw one of the halves in half to make quarters. (2 halves will be the wings, two of the quarters will be the ears, and the remaining two quarters WILL BE A SNACK!!!)

To decorate the eyes, add green candy to the two cookies that have the filling, pressing into the filling to secure. (We used Baby Face Tears but any colorful hard candy will work.) Add Jr Mints to the center for the pupils.

Place the EYES on the upper portion of a green frosted cupcake. Add the wings to the sides. Add the ears above and behind the eyes. Add an orange Baby Face Tear for the beak.

Use vanilla frosting in a piping bag to add squiggles for the feathers.

Add four orange Kookie Bananas for the claws.

That’s it. How simple! And of course you make them any color you choose!

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Happy decorating,

Alan and Karen

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