October 18, 2016


Autumn is the time for taking those shovels, scythes and sickles—and getting your last crops gathered before winter. So we thought it would be the perfect time to roll out our TRACTOR CAKE, along with its own little HAYWAGON. And since you are soooo busy with your crops we made them using store bought pound cake…no baking!

How did we do it?

For the tractor body use a Family Size Sara Lee Pound Cake. Trim about 2 inches from one short end to use as a support under the tractor (to lift it up off the ground). Trim one long side of the cake just enough to level and flatten the side. Place the cake upright on the flattened side and give it a smooth coating of vanilla frosting, and then completely cover it in green decorating sugar. Press the sugar all around to smooth.

For the tractor cab use five graham cracker halves. Trim two of them square and leave two longer to make the cab a little longer than it is wide (see photo). Coat the pieces in white candy melts and let them harden. Once the coating is firm, use additional candy melts to assemble the four coated crackers into a rectangular shaped box. Trim the fifth cracker to fit as the roof of the cab. Coat the top piece with candy melts and sprinkle with the green decorating sugar to cover. Attach the roof to the box made for the cab.

Now it is time to assemble. Cut the 2 inch piece trimmed from the cake in half and space the 2 halves on a platter to support the tractor body. Place the tractor body upright on its side on top of the supports. Use frosting to secure. Attach two chocolate coated doughnuts at the rear for the large tires, and two mini chocolate coated doughnuts at the front for the small tires.Place the graham cracker cab on top of the body. Add details like fruit chew hubcaps with M&Ms at the center. Graham cracker fenders coated in green sugar. M&Ms for headlights and running lights. Frosting for chrome trim, side vents, and tire treads. And Ovation Sticks to make a ladder, for the exhaust pipes, and to outline the cab windows.

Garnish the platter with potato sticks and serve your hungry harvest crew!

For an extra large hoedown, add a hay wagon. It is also made from pound cake. The crib is crafted using graham crackers and pretzel sticks, and gets filled with more potato sticks.

John Deere Tractor-blog3
Happy Cupcaking,

Alan and Karen

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