May 5, 2016

DAFFODILS ARE EVERYWHERE! And their perky determination to drive away winter and make us feel HAPPY has inspired yet another marshmallow flower. This time out we used LARGE SPICE DROPS to make the centers! Take a look at how we did it.

Make the petal by snipping thin slices crosswise from regular size marshmallows. Toss the slices in yellow or white decorating sugar. (The sugar will only stick to the sticky cut side of the marshmallow.)

Use a small melon baller to remove a bowl shaped scoop from the flat side of a large spice drop (yellow, orange, or white). Sprinkle the inside of the scooped area with a contrasting color of nonpareilS (yellow, orange, or white).

Arrange 6 sugar coated petals on a green frosted cupcake and place a scooped spice drop in a contrasting color at the center.

Mix and match the colors of sugar and spice drops to make a whole daffodil bouquet!

Daffodil-iciously Yours,

Alan and Karen

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