May 6, 2016

Mums the word! MARSHMALLOW MUMS are so gorgeous your friends won’t believe you made them, or how easy they were!

The image above is our handy info graphic showing how to do it. Pay close attention because this is going to be fast!!

Snip a mini marshmallow in half on the diagonal.

Dip it in colored sugar to coat the sticky cut side.

Press the marshmallow petals into a frosted cupcake in rows, starting with the outside and working your way to the center.

Add small colorful candies like pearls to the center.

Voila! Mums for mom!

We recently recreated this recipe which originally appeared in our book What’s New, Cupcake! as a Snap Chat recipes. If you haven’t seen our Snap Chat recipes they are told in easy to follow photos that we post to our Snap Chat story line! Add whatsnewcupcake to Snap Chat and wait for the fun to begin. We’ve been Snapping a new one every few days, but hurry, they are only up for 24 hours. That’s the fun part of Snap Chat!!!

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