January 27, 2016

We just got back from this year’s WINTER FANCY FOOD SHOW in San Francisco. And we had a great time as usual. There were so many great vendors, so much great food, so many great fans. We saw amazing new ideas in sweets and decorating: Chocolate coated wafer cones for baking, pattern printed candy for decorating, and baking cups that were so exciting you hardly need decorations at all. Watch for posts on these products in the following weeks.

During our days at the show, we always develop lots of projects at our booth. We have to think fast. And we rely more than ever on quick and easy ideas. One of our favorite easy projects from this year’s show are our OYSTER MADELEINES.


It all started at Whole Foods, where we were shopping for supplies. We spotted some madeleine cookies—and instantly we had an idea! All they needed was a graceful mound of pink frosting and a pearlized gum ball to transform them into great looking oysters and pearls. And we didn’t have to do one bit of baking.

It’s really challenging to come up with the easiest possible idea. Give it a try sometime as you roll through your local market.

Meanwhile, just for the record, here’s a pic of the two of us manning this year’s booth. We’d love to see you at the show some year.


Happy Decorating,

Alan and Karen

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