March 10, 2016

Easter is coming up. And since you’ll probably be busy with Easter outfits and egg-dying, we figure you might need a QUICK AND EASY Easter dessert project.

We began these treats with graham crackers—but you could just as easily make them with slices of Pound Cake or sugar cookies. Just cut them out with an egg–shaped cookie cutter.

What we did was trim the graham crackers using a serrated knife and a gentle sawing motion, cutting the corners on one end to make the bottom of the egg shape. At the other end, we narrowed the shape and curved the corners to make the top of the egg shape.

Working with one cookie at a time (you don’t want your frosting to dry out before coating it) add a generous dollop of frosting to a graham cracker, mounding it in the center and smoothing to the edges.

To cover the frosting, use a pastel colored coating such as sparkling sugar, sprinkles or Candy Crumble.

For the egg with the cameo window, just coat the frosting at the edges leaving a 1 inch x 1 1/2 inch unfrosted oval in the center. For the other eggs coat the entire surface to cover.

Now for the really fun part. Use colorful hard candies like Pearls, Sixlets, bananas, hearts, Baby Face Tears, etc. to create the stripes and flowers on the eggs. The bunny shape at the center of the oval window is made using 2 pink Sixlets with a white pearl for the belly and 2 pink Baby Face Tears for the ears, surrounded by a ring of pastel blue Pearls to make the cameo window.

Snip short pieces of green licorice lace (or Green Apple Licorice Straws or Green Apple Sour Belt candy or Kenny’s Green Apple Juicy Twists) for the nest and place the Easter Egg Treats on top.

And there you have it—an awesome homemade treat to complement any Easter Basket!!

Don’t be surprised if your kids cry out, “Eggs-cellent!!”

Happy Decorating,

Alan and Karen

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