April 21, 2016

A friend asked us why we don’t do more cat cakes. And we had to remind them of the FROSTED FELINE we whipped up as a possible cover for our book Cake My Day!  In the end, only one fabulous cake could get that honor—and we just adored the Unbaked Alaska Cake you’ll find on the front of our book. But while our Tabby didn’t make the final cut, we still think it’s the CAT’S MEOW!!

Here’s the complete recipe—only available HERE on the blog—for anyone who wants to CAT-upult themselves to TOP CAT in the kitchen.


1 box (16.5 ounces) yellow cake mix

1 cup buttermilk

3 large eggs

1/3 cup vegetable oil

1 (10 ounce) frozen pound cake, thawed (Sara Lee)

4 crème filled snack cakes (Twinkies)

2 egg cookies (Stella D’Oro)

1 jumbo marshmallow

4 circus peanuts

2 cans (16 ounces each) plus 1 cup vanilla frosting

Orange paste food coloring

3 cups white coarse decorating sugar (Wilton)

2 white Necco wafers

3 mini chocolate covered mints (Junior Mints)

1 soft caramel (Kraft)

12 mini marshmallows

12 banana shaped hard candies (Runts)

1 black licorice lace

1 tube (4.25 ounces) black decorating icing

1 pink fruit chew (Laffy Taffy, Starburst)


1 chocolate cupcake frosted and sprinkled

4 blue candy coated chocolates (M&M’s Megas)

1 red licorice lace


1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Line the bottom of a 9-inch round cake pan with wax paper. Spray the bottom and sides of the pan as well as a 1 quart oven-proof glass bowl (Pyrex).

2. Prepare the cake mix according to package directions replacing the buttermilk for the 1 cup of water. Spoon 2 cups of the batter into the prepared bowl and pour the remaining batter into the prepared cake pan; smooth the tops. Bake until golden and a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean, 30 to 35 minutes for the cake pan and 35 to 40 minutes for the bowl cake. Transfer cakes to a wire rack and cool 10 minutes. Invert and cool completely.

3. Place the pound cake on a cutting board. Cut ½ inch from one short end to make level. Score the top of the cake with a small knife or toothpick into the shape of a cat tail using the level end as the base of the tail. Use a small knife to trim cake and discard the scraps. To create the front paws, remove a 2 inch diagonal piece from 2 of the snack cakes. Trim the top of the bowl cake level with a serrated knife. Place the bowl cake, trimmed side down, on a work surface and cut a ½ inch piece from one edge (this will be the bottom edge of the head cake). Cut the round cake in half crosswise to make 2 semi-circles. Spread some of the vanilla frosting on the flat (bottom) of one cake piece and sandwich it together with the other flat side of cake to make a semi-circle cake. Place the cake assembly, standing up with its cut side down, on the prepared pan. Place all of the cakes on a wax paper lined cookie sheet and freeze to chill about 30 minutes.

4. As you make the parts, transfer them to a wax paper lined cookie sheet. For the ears, use a serrated knife to cut each egg cookie into a 2 inch triangle. For the chin, flatten the caramel to a 2 inch circle. For the cheeks, cut an 1/8 inch from each flat end of the jumbo marshmallow with scissors. For the claws, insert a banana candy into a flat side of a mini marshmallow. For the orange candy fur, cut the circus peanuts in half lengthwise and flatten slightly. Trim each piece into a long thin triangle. For the whiskers, cut the black licorice lace into six 2 inch long pieces. Cut a 1 inch tear shape from the pink fruit chew as the tongue.

5. Spoon 1 cup of the remaining vanilla frosting into a ziplock bag. Press out the excess air and seal the bag. Divide the remaining frosting into 2 bowls. Tint one bowl a pale orange and the other bowl a bright orange. Spoon ½ cup of each colored frosting into separate ziplock bags. Press out the excess air and seal the bags.

6. Place the decorating sugar into a large bowl. Snip a 1/4 inch corner from each of the bags of frosting. Working on one chilled piece of cake at a time, spread the cake with a thin layer of the desired color of orange frosting and make smooth. Pipe some of the other color of orange frosting on top to look like stripes.  Coat the frosting with the sugar, lightly pressing it against the cake. Brush away any excess. Lightly press an offset spatula against the sugar and make smooth. Repeat with the remaining cake pieces.

7. For the body of the cat, arrange the large semi-circle cake, cut side down, in the center of a serving platter. Place the tail cake, level end down, near the back tapered end of the body cake.  For the head, place the bowl cake, cut edge down, on the opposite side, securing with a wooden skewer in the center of the cake. (This area will be covered with the muzzle.) For the ears, pipe a line of orange frosting around 2 edges of the cookie ears and press into the sugar. Pipe some orange frosting along the uncovered edge of the cookies and press into the top edge of the head cake. Sprinkle with some sugar to cover any exposed orange frosting.

8. For the face, attach the caramel circle as the chin on the lower half of the head cake with some of the frosting. For the cheeks, use a dot of vanilla frosting to attach the marshmallow slices, sticky side against the cake. For the cat’s face fur, press the orange triangles on either side near the edge of the cake. Use a dot of vanilla frosting to attach the eyes above the cheeks. For the nose, add the remaining chocolate covered mint with a dot of frosting. Insert the black licorice laces as eyelashes and whiskers. Add the pink candy tongue with some frosting.

9. Pipe dots of vanilla frosting on the tip of the tail and around the face. Arrange the snack cakes as the paws around the cake, using a small wooden skewer to secure the upright paw. Pipe some vanilla frosting on the toe ends of the snack cakes and attach 3 marshmallow claws to each paw, adding more frosting as fur.

10. Serve with the cupcake, adding the blue candies as the wheels.

This recipe makes 16 PURR-fect servings—sure to please cake and cat lovers alike!

Happy Cat-Cake-Making,

Alan and Karen

Cake My Day!

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