September 21, 2016

Fall’s the ideal time to cover the dining table in colorful chocolate leaves—CANDY LAB STYLE!!

Our AUTUMN LEAVES cake is actually a wreath of cupcakes that can be easily pulled apart and served.

The leaves themselves are made by painting melted chocolate on actual maple or oak leaves. Once the chocolate hardens, peel off the leaves to reveal stunning chocolate replicas in their place. (Don’t worry. You can find the technique completely explained in the link below.)

For the elegant wreath above, we used brown, orange, and green chocolate melting wafers in subdued colors. You could create a brighter wreath by using scarlet, yellow, and orange melting wafers.

For the nuts, we used caramels rolled into acorn shapes. Dip the tops in frosting and roll them in sprinkles to make the tops.

Autumn Leaves-005552

For the complete step-by-step recipe on our Duncan Hines page, click here.

Happy Decorating,

Alan and Karen

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