February 23, 2015

Setting up a CANDY BAR is all the rage for parties and showers these days. And to give it REAL IMPACT, we’ve got a great recommendation: ADD A DECORATED CENTERPIECE!

We created this show-stopping WAFFLE COOKIE centerpiece while in Germany recently. And we coordinated our design with the candy colors in the beautiful apothecary jars and giant martini glasses that surrounded it.

The house is crafted from large sheets of waffle-textured cookies sold in grocery stores in Germany. (We also found them here in the USA, but more on that later.) They are used for a variety of European-style desserts—usually for a torte made of sandwiched wafer cookies—and most brands are imported from Poland.

To craft the house, we cut the shapes for our walls, roof and gable from the waffle sheets using a serrated knife. A gentle sawing motion works best. If you press too hard you might shatter the cookie. If you prefer a centerpiece that can also be served as dessert, you could make this a CAKE. In our newest book, Cake My Day! (you can preorder it now, publication date is March 24)  you will find a Cake House design created from layers of 9 x 13 cake.

To assemble the walls of the waffle cookie house and to attach the decorations, we used chocolate candy melts. (We steered clear of using frosting because we felt the waffle pieces might warp from the moisture.)

Then we used dots of the melted chocolate to add the candies to the center of the waffle dimples to create patterns, doors, windows, gable accents, etc.

This is one project that gives “HOME SWEET HOME” a whole new meaning!

We even made a mini version from cookies, which we turned into an edible birdhouse for our display.

Waffle Bird House

By the way, as promised, here are three brands of Waffle Sheets that you can find on AMAZON.

Tort Wafers
Waffle Cookie Sheettort wafers thick

Happy Decorating,

Alan and Karen

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