February 6, 2015

We try to hit all the holidays with our various cupcake creations. But when Karen and I were assessing the STATE OF OUR CUPCAKE UNION the other day, we realized we’ve been amiss in the past when it comes to PRESIDENTS DAY.

So we made an EXECUTIVE decision to honor LINCOLN and WASHINGTON in true Hello, Cupcake! style.

As a result, we proudly present this pair of PRESIDENTIAL CAMEO CUPCAKES!!

In order to create these chocolate cameos, you’ll have to draw out a TEMPLATE for the profiles. To brush up on these template skills, go to pages 16-17 of our original book HELLO, CUPCAKE!

After you draw the template, place a piece of wax paper over it, and then pipe out the design using candy melts and a Ziplock bag. Make sure you place the drawing in the fridge to harden (about 5 minutes). Then you can peel it from the wax paper and place it on the cupcake.

The outside edge of the cupcake is a row on M&Ms placed on their side.

Hope you enjoy this face time with the Presidents.

Now, let’s see, what other holidays have we forgotten…..

Alan and Karen

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