June 13, 2015

We did a decorating demo at a local cooking store today. And it gave us a chance to show off our new CAKE MY DAY shirts. (We wear them for public appearances.) That’s the back above, and here’s the front (below) with a neat little graphic Alan created.


It was a fun event today. We emphasized FATHER’S DAY projects, like the lawn mower from CAKE MY DAY! Here’s our store demo version—Oreos, chocolate donuts and all!

lawn mower

We love meeting our readers. And we really enjoy it when proud parents show us their cell phone pix of their kids’ cake and cupcake projects—and that happened TWICE today! We especially loved the little girl who was feverishly taking notes during our demo.

By the way, tomorrow (Sunday, June 14) we’re doing a live online chat at 5 PM EST.

Watch on G+: http://bit.ly/cupcakedecorate
Watch on Youtube: http://bit.ly/decoratecupcakes
Watch on our facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/getbakedlive/


Happy Decorating,

al kar 5

Alan and Karen

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