August 3, 2015

A LOBSTER ROLL made of marshmallows, coconut and vanilla frosting: that’s what’s on the menu today!!

And what could be more appropriate. We’re up here in Maine, mainly resting, gazing out from the coast, counting the lobster traps out in the bay and looking for inspiration for new projects, like this “Lobstah Roll” Cake!

Here’s the entire lobster-icious recipe. Don’t worry. It doesn’t involve tussling with claws or cracking any shells.


1 (16 ounce ) frozen pound cake ( Sara Lee), thawed

1 cup white marshmallows, cut into quarters

1 cup pink marshmallows, cut into quarters

1/2 cup shredded sweetened coconut

2 green apple licorice twists, cut crosswise into small pieces

4 inches red fruit roll snack (Fruit by the Foot), cut into 1/2-inch pieces

1 1/4 cups whipped vanilla frosting

For the Garnish:

4 inches red fruit roll snack (Fruit by the Foot)

1 thin pretzel stick

2 yellow fruit slices jelly candy


Preheat the broiler. Make 2 cuts the entire length on the top of the pound cake, 1 inch in on either long side and about 1 1/4 inch deep. Carefully remove the center piece of cake with a paring knife and discard or use for another purpose. Place the cake on a cookie sheet. Toast the cake in the broiler, turning the cake after each side is lightly toasted, about 20 to 30 seconds per side. Transfer the toasted cake to a serving platter.

Combine the marshmallows, coconut, green pieces of licorice twist and cut pieces of fruit leather. Toss to combine. Add the whipped frosting and 1 tablespoon warm water, stirring until pieces are completely coated. Toss gently to blend. 

Fill the opening of the toasted pound cake with the marshmallow mixture. 

To make the pretzel stick garnish:

Use small scissors to make cuts 1/8-inch apart along one long side of the red fruit leather, keeping a 1/4-inch edge of the strip uncut on the opposite side. Wrap the fruit leather strip around one end of the pretzel stick, pressing the uncut edge gently into the stick to secure. Loosen the cut ends to look like a feathery toothpick garnish.

Garnish the cake with the fruit slices and pretzel stick.

Makes 12 servings

Enjoy! You can never have too much Lobster Roll. (A friend of ours just got back from Maine and said he ate it EVERY DAY!)

See you soon, back at the Candy Lab.

Alan and Karen

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