October 9, 2015

Here’s a photo of a brand new cake we developed just a few days ago at the 2015 Oklahoma State Sugar Artist Show. We call it a PINK CAMOUFLAGE CAKE! We put it together using various ideas you might recognize from CAKE MY DAY! including our sugar smash technique (for the outside) and our pink ombre technique (for the inside). As usual, the Sugar Artist Show was a magical experience. We’ve been participating for 5 years—and this year, we even received a Medal of Honor to celebrate our many years of ongoing support for the Sugar Show.

Here we are with our medals and sashes.AwardAnd here we are checking the medals for gold!checking for gold

The Sugar Arts Fair is the most amazing gathering of cake-minded folks. Competitors come from around the globe to compete for prizes and bragging rights. We were honored to have spent several days in the Reasor’s Fairground Kitchen, decorating for the crowds. Among other things, we created seven Groom’s cakes which we themed “A Few of His Favorite Things.” We decided to follow our own advice from CAKE MY DAY! and decorate the cakes INSIDE AND OUT! (More on them in a future post.) We were happy to have the support of SweetWorks and Chocolate Frey this year. And we included their wonderful candies in our designs wherever possible.

Take a look below at our favorite cakes and moments from the show:

Here’s Karen showing off two camouflage cakes we made using SIXLETS: the Pink Camo Cake with a pink ombre interior (you can also see it at the top of this page), and a green “boys” motif, which has poured frosting for the camo on top, and camo cake batter on the inside.

Camo Karen

Here’s Alan pressing SweetWorks Candy Crumble into the frosting on the pink Hugs boot cake. The crumble is a vanilla flavored crushed candy—and it makes for a pretty (and tasty) coating.

Candy Crumble on boot Alan

Here’s Karen demonstrating how we got that boot shape for the Hugs Boot and our Work Boot Cake.

Boots and Karen

SweetWorks sent a ton of their decorating candy, and Sugar Show director (and creator) Kerry Vincent chose it for her yearly CROWD TOSS. It’s almost like Mardi Gras in the Fairgrounds Arena when Kerry starts pitching to the crowd.

Kerry Pitches Panorama

Karen stood nearby with lots of extra SIXLETS and PEARLS for Kerry to throw out to the bleachers. It was Karen’s big “game show” moment.

Karen SW shipper

When Kerry Vincent throws…America ducks!

Kerry Duck!

Finally, here’s Kerry sending a big thank you to SweetWorks for making the TOSS a huge success this year.

SW Kerry

And we send a big thank you to Kerry for having us at America’s premier cake decorating event!

Hope to see you all there next year!!

Happy Decorating,

Alan and Karen

For more info on SweetWorks decorating candy click on the link below

Chocolat Frey_Logo Lockup_withNC_FINAL

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