May 3, 2015

Here are a few more flowery projects for SPRING!! They’re super easy to make—and we think they’ll be perfect for our first outdoor gathering of the season, which is coming up.

We found an assortment of candies at Party City that really helped pull these projects off.

For the project at top, start with a pound cake and frost it white. Pipe petal shapes in your favorite colors on top of the cake. Then spread them smooth with an offset spatula. Outline each petal with color-coordinated Pearls. Add three Pearls and six banana candies in contrasting colors to the center of each flower. Place extra light and dark green banana candies between some of the petals, at their edges, for the leaves. Add blue banana candies end to end to the bottom edge of the cake. And there you have it. A Springy cake if we ever saw one!

Celebration Baby Tears-24

Secondly, we turned a couple of cupcakes into BLOSSOMS. This project is so simple. It’s what we like to call a PRESS AND PLAY project! The entire recipe is right there in the picture (above). Simply frost your cupcakes and apply your candies as shown. We used an assortment of Baby Face Tears, Pearls and larger Sixlets. We even created a butterfly using the same candies, we just added lines of chocolate frosting for the antennae. Of course, feel free to use whatever candies please your sweet tooth.

Happy Decorating,

Alan and Karen

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