Fabulous Fall Crafts

November 5, 2015

We like to describe cupcaking as CRAFTING FOR BAKERS! That’s why we look at candy and snacks differently. They are basically art supplies to us!

Here’s a perfect example. Karen gathered acorns from her yard to make a centerpiece for the upcoming holiday. They were her favorite price…FREE! She removed the little caps and spray painted the acorns gold. Then she replaced the caps and made a little centerpiece using the gold nuts and oak leaves.

Compare that to the acorns made from candy and snacks. We simply removed the foil wrappers from the Hershey KISSES and used a dot of frosting to attach each to a Mini Vanilla Wafer. Voila! A little centerpiece for the top of each cupcake!

And that’s The Candy Lab philosophy in a NUTSHELL…pun fully intended.

Happy cupcaking,

Alan and Karen

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