June 1, 2015

File this project under E. Z.

We love coming up with projects that combine a SMALL amount of work with a BIG pay-off. And this CHOCOLATE DAISY CAKE really fits the bill.

We used a sponge tart shell from the grocery store for the cake, the kind you usually purchase to fill with berries.

But instead we filled it with dark chocolate pudding! (Nutella would also be great for this.)

To the top of the pudding, we added daisies in three different sizes made from candy.

We used yellow shimmer coated Sixlets, mini gum balls, and gum balls for the centers, and white shimmer coated Pearls, Sixlets, and mini gum balls for the petals.

We surrounded the outside with grass green shimmer coated Sixlets.

And before you know it, there you have it—a real crowdpleaser. (Don’t thank us.)

We’d also suggest serving it with whipped topping or ice cream!

Happy Decorating,

Alan and Karen

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