September 26, 2015

Ever since watching the movie Up!, we’ve wanted to create a cake that looks like it’s soaring above the clouds.

Sometimes we just can’t shake a certain idea! We plan it and plan it but for some reason, we never get to it. But at a recent candy fair, we finally did it. We created our first “Hot Air Balloon” cake!! And it was sooo easy.

We were brainstorming on some quick ideas to demo at the candy fair. And suddenly we found ourselves trimming a 9 inch round cake at the bottom to narrow the shape. Lo and behold, we had our balloon—and we were on our way into the stratosphere.

For the basket, we used a snack-sized pound cake (like the ones made by Entenmann’s) and covered it with chocolate frosting, piped in a basket weave pattern.

The cables supporting the basket are Ovation Sticks. And we used Sixlets, Pearls, and Mini Gumballs for the decorations.

Surrounding the Hot Air Balloon, we added some Kookie Banana bluebirds and some cloud clusters made of Pearls and Sixlets. We thought they’d complete the scene. And we always like to complete the scene.

We can’t wait to try more variations back at the Candy Lab. But for now, we’ve got Up! out of our system. I guess we can move on to our next animation inspiration. Maybe Inside Out!

Happy Cake-making,

Alan and Karen


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