October 31, 2014

We love making cakes for the TODAY show. And we really wanted to make sure our latest cake was tres stylish, especially since it was for Today Show STYLE EDITOR Bobbie Thomas (seen here with Hoda and Kathie Lee).

We owe Bobbie a lot. She once invited us to do a fashion segment on the show, which resulted in one of our most popular projects : HIGH HEEL CUPCAKES. So of course we had to add some high heels to her cake. We bought the most fashionable cupcake liners we could find (mostly from Reynolds) and we used candies and sugar so that the cupcakes matched the patterns (daisies, leopard spots, polka dots, etc.). Very co-ordinated, no?

On the next tier, we placed a set of COMPACTS—which are actually store-bought chocolate-coated cookies filled with flattened pink marshmallows to imitate powder puffs.

For the top layer, we made LIPSTICKS from a rolled wafer cookie (cut in half for the base, and rod-shaped red licorice (for the lipstick itself). We painted the licorice with red food coloring to make it even brighter!

(You can find more on all these fashion-related projects in CUPCAKES, COOKIES & PIE, OH, MY!)

By the way, Bobbie’s name along the bottom was made from rolled-out spice drops which we then rolled in corresponding color sugar—which makes them REALLY VIBRANT!! Then we cut the letters out using alphabet cookie cutters.

It’s interesting the way the TODAY show works. We have to deliver the cake a day early so the producer and director can figure out its location and props and camera angles and lighting. This means a HARROWING DRIVE down to Rockefeller Center, over New York’s famous POT-HOLED highways, hoping all the heels stay in place (which they did not). Some of the crew meet us at the stage door to usher us in, after which we fix any mishaps. After the crew checks out the cake and the lighting etc., the cake is put in a big fridge and the next day—VOILA! It’s as if the cake just arrived! (We’re usually watching—relievedly—from the wings!)

The whole process can take a lot of work and time. But it’s definitely glamorous, definitely fun, and definitely worth it! And as they always say: THAT’S SHOWBIZ!

Happy Birthday, Bobbie!

Alan and Karen

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