October 1, 2014

We just got back from Tulsa–and the OKLAHOMA STATE SUGAR ARTS SHOW. We have lots of news and projects to share from Tulsa–which we’ll get to soon.

But for now, we thought we’d start our second official week on the NEW BLOG with a real crowdpleaser: our big sunny SMILE CAKE! This is one of our fastest, easiest decorating projects.

Begin with a ten-inch tart shell straight from the grocery store.

Then fill the shell with lemon pudding.

Now you can build the candy surface, creating the SMILE FIRST, using black Sixlets.

Then add yellow Sixlets in circular rows above and below–except for the eyes, where again we use black Sixlets.

Finally put yellow gumballs all around the perimeter.

Hopefully, those super-easy directions–and the SWEET PAYOFF–will bring a big grin to your face!

More projects soon!

Alan and Karen


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