October 6, 2014

It’s APPLE TIME here on the Northeast. So we thought we’d go right to the CORE of the season and present a new apple cupcake.

We pondered McIntoshes, Granny Smiths and Jonagolds. But we settled on the GOLDEN DELICIOUS!!! We think they look great—especially since YELLOW is one of our favorite colors!!

Making them is as easy as falling out of a tree:

First, attach a doughnut to the top of a cupcake using frosting.

Fill in any gaps around the doughnut and then freeze for about 20 minutes to firm.

After firming up the frosting, coat the doughnut again and smooth out any bumps or irregularities in the frosting.

Freeze again to firm.

Once firmed, dip the coated doughnut in yellow tinted frosting, up to the cupcake liner.

After the yellow frosting firms up, give the apple a blush of red using food color spray from Wilton.

Add a pretzel twist for the stem and a couple of leaves rolled and cut from green spice drops.

And there you have it: a perfect yellow apple. (Truth is you can have any variety of apple you choose by changing your food color and spray color.)

Happy Cupcaking,
Alan and Karen

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